About Us

The National Business Forum of Canada was founded by Dianne Ojar, president of Olive Media and other like business minds, and entrepreneurs in 2017. In accordance with the agreed objectives, The National Business Forum of Canada takes place in the spring annually.

The National Business Forum – TNBF is an economic development oriented
enterprise was founded with the aim of facilitating the promoting of Canada’s
economic potential and strengthening Canada’s image. The forum develops
substantive content for annually, providing entrepreneurs, investors, governments and other stakeholders with advice, information, and expert guidance, and offering comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and coverage of the Canadian and global economic agendas.

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Market competitiveness does not tell us as much about the future as we would like. For example, we know some things for sure, such as many jobs will become replaced by automation and robots. This could well make our education increasingly important, as economies shift to higher value, higher-skilled work. Again, it is another reason why we need to keep a critical eye on what and how we measure economies. There are so many other factors so important to life and well- being that are not included in Canada’s competitiveness work. The inclusiveness of economies for one thing.

The National Business Forum is deeply anchored in the public and private sectors, the forum is the only Canadian organization serving this role, bringing together Canada’s foremost CEOs, economic decision makers, policy-makers, experts, academics, international delegations, youth, technology innovators and social advocates under one roof with the aim of driving positive change for Canada.

The forum is the right conduit to include Canada’s economic development and
small business stewardship into our calculations it is more than likely that the idea of a national economic venue will play an increasing role in bringing in more foreign investments, boost entrepreneurship, and play a bigger role in Canada’s economic success, sustainability and create jobs. [/expand]


Our Mission

The National Business Forum is a Canadian enterprise for Canadian and international Public-Private Cooperation. It is independent, neutral and impartial just tied to empowering Canada’s potential. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.

The Forum engages the foremost political, business, investment, economic decision makers and other leaders to shape the Canadian, provincial, municipal, regional and industry agendas. It also offers exclusive opportunities for business meetings aimed at promoting partnerships among Canadian and international corporations.

Our activities are shaped by a unique institutional culture founded on Canada
business interests, which asserts that the forum is accountable to all parts of society.

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The forum carefully blends and balances the best of many kinds of Canadian organizations, from both the public and private sectors, international organizations and academic institutions. The forum is a strategic stage for creating the opportunities for synergies between stakeholders, speakers, guests, exhibitors and attendees onsite.

Our work in the field of competitiveness is aimed at helping business leaders,
small businesses, innovators and policy makers make the right choices when it
comes to lifting Canada’s economic state.  We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change in Canada.


Our Goals

Strengthen the economic cooperation with the international market, investment communities, Canadian businesses, and federal, provincial, and municipal government bodies.

  • Introducing and promoting the economic potential of Canada,  provinces and improving the municipalities’ competitiveness and attractiveness to investors both nationally and internationally
  • Showcasing new investment and business opportunities with Canadian entrepreneurs, small businesses and new start-ups from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
  • Create shared experiences for learning, economic development and dialogue across Canada,
  • Enhance mutual understanding between the business sector, policy-makers and the international markets.

We are a unique meeting point for economic development, innovative and cultural, interactions in Canada and with the world.

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We believe that it will ultimately contribute towards Canada’s economic development and prosperity, as well as to bringing more of Canada to the world.

The forum’s management ensures that activities fulfill the mission of the forum and acts as its representative to outside parties.
The leadership and staff of the forum comprise exceptional individuals from all walks of life from across Canada. This national depth and experience ensures our ability to fully support our mission and their engagement on Canadian issues.



“We believe that it is the mission of Canada’s new generations to leap toward the future, and we have witnessed their capacity for innovation and excellence in entrepreneurship and their passion for Canada’s prosperity and development”. – Dianne Ojar, President of The National Business Forum

The Forum is chaired by Founder and President Dianne Ojar. It is guided by a group of exceptional individuals who act as guardians of its mission and goals, and oversee the forum’s work in promoting true strong Canadian economy.

Dianne is a Canadian entrepreneur, an expert in women’s entrepreneurship and angel investment, a powerhouse relationship builder, business woman, serial entrepreneur and mother. The award-winning author of her first book, “Mrs. Fraud and You.

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She is a caring person who will not accept “NO” as an answer, Dianne is a motivator, mentor and “Doer”. She makes things happen. She is always willing to offer a welcoming hand and a willingness to share her knowledge.

Due to her entrepreneurial background she has become a proverbial, Jane-of-all-trade, on the Canadian and international speaker circuits on subjects related to gender, impact investing, entrepreneurship, innovation and philanthropy.

Dianne has started her journey by founding her first venture “NVP Media Group” in 2014 then rebranded her dream as “Olive Media” in 2016.

Olive Media is a leading media enterprise in North America, working in TV, press, magazines, film, radio and digital media. Creating, producing, and selling content across all key genres and broadcast platforms. Olive Media so far has been a pioneer for new opportunities for advertisers that better integrate the medium with search, mobile, content and transaction.

Dianne loves impulsive people who design beautiful & emotional products because they couldn’t dream of doing anything else. That drove her to the foundation of “The Entrepreneurs Network”-TEN, a Canadian platform providing exposure and support to entrepreneurs dedicated to solving today’s grand challenges and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – UN SDGs.

TEN is Toronto-based start-up incubator and accelerator with the mission to empower entrepreneurs in their quest for a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model. TEN brings together extraordinary people to build start-ups from scratch, opportunity for funding and help build co-founding teams, develop ideas, and accelerate through fundraising from Canada’s best investors.

Lending herself to the community at large, Dianne believes, “that every person, and more so, everyone should do their utmost to explore and exploit their potential. The world is a big place, so find your place in it. Do what you know. Do what you love!”

With the support of fellow Canadians, Dianne launched “International Men’s Day” Canada – IMD Canada which put Canada globally in the 82nd rank joining other nations which celebrates the world’s leading International Men’s Day with the blessings of the United Nations.

Dianne came to the realization that there must be more opportunities for personal and professional growth just beyond the horizon and with that in mind, she took the steps to branch out on her own.

Dianne has helped many professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs reach their goals and materialize their vision. She is a leader with a purpose, always driving change in her environment and motivating others to follow their passions.