The Forum

The Forum is growing to become a Canadian landmark bringing together more   participants, speakers, entrepreneurs, economic decision makers and policy makers combined under the auspices of the annual conference.

Every year, The National Business Forum serves as a platform for the discussion of key issues in the world economy, Canada’s economy and, provincial markets, and the municipal economic development of new industrial and technological sectors, as well as of the global opportunities for Canadian businesses.
Events at the forum traditionally take place in the form of panel sessions, roundtables, business breakfasts, and business dialogues devoted to Canada’s relationships with other nations, Canadian state of entrepreneurship, investment in Canada, small businesses and start-ups.
The forum’s program includes a number of business dialogues with partner countries in the European Union, Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Mexico, Common-wealth countries and leading partner countries in Latin-South America and international bodies as the ASEAN and OECD, in addition to developing nations in Africa and Southeast Asia.


The National Business Forum – TNBF exhibition space traditionally features presentations about Canada’s economy and market, provincial economy, municipal markets, introducing the new drivers, incentives and growth being achieved by federal, provincial and municipal governments built on Canada’s diversity and investment potential.

The following are the themes of the forum’s next convention

  • The ‘Welcome to Canada’ Exhibition
  • The “Doing Business in Canada” Exhibition
  •  TNBF Networking Salon
  • Small Business Expo. (Exposition/Tradeshow)
The Expo. is an symbiotic amalgamation of interactive formats and opportunities for dreamers, innovators and entrepreneurs to:
  • Present their businesses, ideas and projects,
  • Attract financing,
  • Search for partners,
  • Share their skills and experiences,
  • Scale their business,
  • Get inspired to make their ideas a reality, Export their solutions to international markets and gain practical knowledge.
The aim of the exhibitions at The National Business Forum is to attract and bring investors and other stakeholders under one roof by:
  • Providing a visual representation of the forum’s program, showcasing investment opportunities in the Canadian market,
  • Creating a space for direct dialogue between investors, company heads, representatives of government agencies, the media and other stakeholders,
  • Sharing Canada’s potential and introduce to international market the progress to support the investment in Canada and growth in its market,
  • Providing a complete picture of the provinces and municipalities’ investment attractiveness,
  • Offering a clear confirmation of the provincial and municipalities’ investment appeal,
  • Working directly with investors along with industry-based and governmental lines,
  • Establishing a comprehensive overview of Canada’s economic development and empowerment institutions.


The forum is a platform for dialogue and in-depth discussion of trends and issues with leading experts, who will help innovators evaluate their real prospects.

The creators of the most successful projects will have access to various forms of government support, corporate partner accelerator programs, investments, and close cooperation with parties that are interested in the search for promising and innovative new technologies, products and ideas

Guests will include:

  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs,
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Angel Investors,
  • Foreign Delegations,
  • Chambers of Commerce,
  • Financial Institutions,
  • Consulting Firms,
  • Incubators,
  • Government Bodies,
  • And more!

Next forum

Spring 2021

Become a Speaker

The National Business Forum is an economic development oriented enterprise was founded with the aim of facilitating the promotion of Canada’s economic potential and strengthening Canada’s image.

The forum develops substantive content annually to provide entrepreneurs, investors, governments and other stakeholders with advice, information, expert guidance, and offering comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and coverage of the Canadian and global economic agendas.

The forum is the right conduit to include Canada’s economic development and small business stewardship into our calculations it is more than likely that the idea of a national economic venue will play an increasing role in bringing in more foreign investments, boost entrepreneurship, and play a bigger role in Canada’s economic success.


Share Your Thoughts!

It is a great pleasure to invite you as a speaker at the National Business Forum (TNBF2020) Convention. The TNBF2020 convention will be held at the Rembrandt Banquet Hall, Toronto, Ontario on Monday 11th May, 2020.

The National Business Forum covers many areas of the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, enhance Canada’s innovation performance, increase Canada’s share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace.

Canada is already home to the most educated workforce in the OECD and several of the world’s top artificial intelligence pioneers. Canada is investing in an innovative, clean and inclusive economy.

Canada also has over 120 startup incubators and accelerators supporting dynamic ecosystems across the country. Canada gives investors preferential market access through 14 trade agreements to 51 countries with nearly 1.5 billion consumers with a combined GDP of US$49.3 trillion. Canada has created an environment to encourage business success, which is why we hold the distinction of being the easiest location in the G20 to start a business.

We believe that your participation in the TNBF2020 would be a great opportunity for Canada’s economy, market and entrepreneurs.